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Create Your Music. Create Your Life.

Posted by shelly on October 9, 2012 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Music makes you happy.

Music makes you smarter.

Music makes you CREATIVE!


Sometimes creativity is forgotten in music lessons. Unfortunately, it's forgotten in many other subjects as well. In my studio, creativity comes first! Day by day, our children create their lives and become who they are; with their ideas! To me, creativity seems to be the most important factor in our lives. So why not practice it like we do everything else?


I wasn't as fortunate as some of my students, to have music lessons at the age of five; or three for that matter. I sometimes wonder how my musicianship would differ if I had had that opportunity. I envy them all. I also adore them and I'm inspired by their quick abilities to learn. They learn swiftly and with energy. As adults, we tend to believe we don't have the capacity to learn these things at all, especially in a hurry. We are wrong. But that's a new blog for a different day.


Now let's get creative. A five year old piano student of mine composed a song last Thanksgiving. Not only did he write the song, he also transcribed it! Yes. On that staff paper stuff that only serious adult musicians use. I am ashamed to say, I did not learn how to do this until COLLEGE! (Yes, I must have been 18. This kid is five!) I thought, "This child must be a genius!" Perhaps; but then I discovered that even more of my students were able to accomplish this same extraordinary task.


This task is not extraordinary at all. This 'task' is simply a possibility. A possibility that lives in every child AND every adult. It lived in all of us when we were five, but perhaps we didn't have the tools to discover it. (Tune back in for next week's blog, "We still can.")


Even though, as adults, we may have missed out on these groovy tools, our children can have them now.


These tools are not only for transcribing songs.

These tools are the very same tools that solve math equations.

The same tools that exercise reading and writing.

The same tools that will be used when your child becomes a civil engineer, a neurosurgeon, or a orchestral conductor.


What do you want to be when you grow up? Imagine.




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