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Practice Practice Practice...the RIGHT stuff.

Posted by shelly on October 9, 2012 at 11:10 PM


Beginners, amateurs, and musicians, welcome. Reading music, ear training, and performance techniques are awaiting you. All you need is a desire to play, dedication, and a bit of time.


The most important component of learning an instrument is knowing how to practice. I repeat, "Learn how to practice!" I taught myself to play several instruments before I was trained. I did not realize the agony I was putting myself through. Playing phrases and chord changes over and over and never getting anywhere. I was practicing hard, with all of my heart; but not with my mind. I was practicing alright! Practicing my mistakes. I was practicing too fast and 80% of the time, I went to wrong notes. That means, 80% of the time, I was practicing my mistakes. We all know what happens when we practice folks. We get better! I was getting better at my mistakes. Unfortunatley, I'm not the only one. Every single student who walks into my studio for the first time does the very same thing. Everybody wants to become a great player- and FAST! Everyone is in a big fat hurry. So slow down, focus, and practice the right notes; not the wrong ones. Even if you play a phrase correctly 8/10 times, you practiced it wrong twice! One more time, and you have a habit.


With some concentration and positive mentality, we can all learn any instrument, no matter how old or young we are. But we have to be patient. Practice slow and you will get you to your destination much quicker in the end.



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