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Directions for how to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to the SING: SMULE APP on IPHONE/IPAD

1. Download the app and choose free trial.  

2. Set a reminder on your calendar to cancel or renew after 6 days!  It's easy-peasy to control the subscription under the settings of your phone.  

3. 6 Days later, Click on your Apple ID, then Manage Subscriptions.  We will be using this in our lessons anyway, so if you can, just go ahead and buy the 'yearly' package for $40!   Otherwise, it's $2.99/ WEEK- eek!   Soooo..... 
Get the app, sign up for the free trial and sing this duet with me!  

4. LIKE us on facebook and subscribe to our youtube channel to hear everyone's duets!

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